Entry #1

A little about me

2008-06-10 21:36:55 by Sycross


I am a sophomore at William Fremd High School. I've been messing around on the piano for a little more than a year, but only recently decided to write down and synthesize my stuff. I have always had an extremely narrow taste in music, and Newgrounds is one of the only places where I have found music that I truly enjoy. There are so many great artists on this site, and I am so glad I discovered this music and this community.

I am currently working on getting a group together to record my songs. So far I have:

-Clint Ko (Viola)
-Albert Kim (Cello)
-Zach Duray (Bass Clarinet)
-Stephen Whitfield (Acoustic Guitar)
-Arjun Puranik (Piano)
-Donald Magnani (Drums)

Other stuff about me:
For a project in a critical thinking class, I made a board game and tried to market it. The project just ended, but I am planning to take my game further. The game is called Lineage, and it is an abstract strategy game. I'd appreciate it if you could check out my website at: www.lineageboards.com

That's about it for now. I hope you guys like my first submission: Everscape!


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2008-06-10 21:51:40

good luck. and im guessing your a bit soft in your taste?
Me, I perfer Jimmi Hendrix, the god of Gituar solos.

Sycross responds:

Hey, thanks for the comment. My taste isn't necessarily soft, but more that I like music which creates a specific emotion. Most of the music I listen to is sad, but extremely inspirational for me.

Sorry that my song Everscape isn't up yet for you to listen to (I submitted it this morning and it's still being reviewed).

I'm wondering, though, how did you happen to come across my page? I just made it today and really haven't done much yet.


2008-08-23 11:05:35

Everscape sounded amazing, I cannot wait to hear your next piece.
I hate having to ask people this, but since you said you enjoyed my previous submission could you take a look at my newest piece? I could really use some feedback on it.


2008-10-06 10:39:19

you rock.

Sycross responds:

Lol. Thank you.


2008-10-23 05:49:26

William Fremd High School... I'm just wondering. Is that the one near Palatine, IL? Just curious since I have some friends from there.

Sycross responds:

Yea! It actually is! That's a crazy coincidence... What are your friends' names? I might recognize them.