New Website!

2009-06-22 18:38:22 by Sycross

Hey, Newgrounds, just thought I'd give you guys an update.

Recently, I've purchased my own domain name and am very excited about it! The url is

I am also in preparations to release a full-length album, which should be due out within the next couple of months. For the album, I am completely remastering all of my songs, and only the remastered versions will be available from my website. Currently, I've only got one song finished "Skyline," but more are due out very soon!

Please check out my site if you have time. I could use the support.



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2009-07-06 03:08:42

ooh, great site sycross!
keep up the great music, I'll review as soon as my internet is back up :)

Sycross responds:

Thanks! And I've made a lot of new updates to the site in the past few days if you are interested. :P

Haha, if you want, please sign up for my newsletter.