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Final Horizon: My Debut Album!

2009-10-12 13:00:09 by Sycross

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to announce that I have successfully completed my first full-length album! The album is called "Final Horizon," and it features 12 of my best instrumental songs. I personally designed almost all aspects of the album, from every note in the music to every detail in the artwork. All of the CDs are professionally manufactured, and they are selling for $10 a piece. I've dedicated a lot of time towards making this album a reality, so please, if you have some extra cash, I would really appreciate it if would support me by buying an a CD.

You can listen to all of my songs for free at my website: www.sycrossmusic.com. Right now there is also a free song download available!

Thanks to everyone,
Ray Li

P.S. If you've tried listening to any of my old Newgrounds songs, you'll find that I have taken them down. Sorry, but I really don't want my old prototype songs in circulation any more. I hope you guys understand, and of course, I'll be submitting a bunch of demo songs to help promote my CD.

Here's the album cover:

Final Horizon: My Debut Album!


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2009-10-12 21:04:22

congratulations man!
will check it out for sure